Sunday, October 30, 2005

gardening miracle!

First of all, I am NOT a gardener.
My mom once told me that
I would know I was officially OLD when I started caring about gardening. Not only am I now OLD, but I am a gardener???
I guess so.

The weather was awesome. It was maybe 65 out so we plated our Spring bulbs, tulips, of course! Red, pink and purple. We also planted some lil blue flowers that I thought were pretty. I told Greg "If one grows, I'll be happy." I planted probably 210 bulbs today. It better be a vision of Holland in the Spring!! I know they only last 2-3 weeks but they better be GLORIOUS!

The kids helped, too. Well, the lil ones did. Jonathan could not be bothered. He had a rough weekend so I let it go.

I have oatmeal cookies in the oven so I must close. It was a good day... Posted by Picasa

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