Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Birthday DAISY!

Today is the birthday of the Founder of Daisy Scouts, Juliette Gordon Low. She was an amazing woman, certainly ahead of her time. My daughter, Micaela age 5, is a Daisy. We involved Micaela in Daisy Scouts to help ease the social anxiety she feels. It's going well and she's getting along nicely with some of the other girls. Micaela is painfully shy so it's a constant work in progress.

This picture was taken at a Daisy activity in October, at the first meeting. Since *I* was never personally in any sort of scouting activity, I bought her smock with the petals already SEWN ON. I did not know you had to EARN them. (duh....) So I have to go buy a new smock. I also bought her ALL of the Daisy junk (leggings, shirt, l/s shirt, blah blah..) but I am a smart (read: frugal and cheap) mom. I didn't pay retail! I bought mine on EBay!!

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