Sunday, October 30, 2005

Inside every monster.....

Inside every monster...
is a sweet little boy....
who just wants to play.

Tomorrow is Halloween!

When I was a kid, I loved Halloween.
On year, my sister, D.D., made me this awesome
monster costume that I have not never forgotten.
I won the prize on our street
block party that year.
Although my kids won't win any prizes, the love dressing up. (I can't sew so I buy their costumes off season at thrift stores. )

What Adam doesn't know is that this year he gets to CHOOSE which costume he wants to wear. We bought him this dragon monster OR the ever prized so hard to find Incredibles costume. I even had a cape custom-made (on Ebay) that is reversible. Even though NONE of the Incredible have capes, I bought one anyway. It's cool, it's Incredibles on one side and Spiderman on the other...Cost me $20.00 on my beloved EBay.

So tomorrow we will see which one he chooses. My money is on the Incredibles.
I can't wait to take them trick-or-treating!! Adam's speech has improved sooo much that he actually enjoys talking to other people now, so he'll be unstoppable during the candy collection.

Until tomorrow....or at least later today :) Posted by Picasa

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