Friday, October 28, 2005

My Beautiful Necklace

who would have thought a few pieces of plastic beds could matter so much? These were a Mother's Day gift to me from my daughter, Micaela. She made them at school for me. She called it "The Beautful Necklace". When it was presented to me, I promised her that I would wear it every day, and I do.

It keep me grounded centered. Much like the collection of artwork that adorns my fridge. It reminds me what I am here for, what I am all about. It lets me focus on what is really important: my kids.

It might look like just plastic beads to you,
but to me (and Micaela) it's the BEAUTIFUL NECKLACE.

Also today is October 28, it's the birthday of the Statue of Liberty. Did ya know that? I have one of those killer machos calendars that give you what the "special" day is for any given day and today is not only Plush Animal Lover's day but it's the Statue of Liberty's birthday....

go to and take a peek at that lady in the harbor. Can you imagine what those immigrants would think now if they could SEE our country? Things are so different now. I pray that something is done about our borders and SOON. (And that comes from the grand-daughter of two illegal immigrants.)

Enough of my rambling, I have dinner to cook and a kitchen to clean..... Posted by Picasa

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