Saturday, October 29, 2005

There's my BABY!

When Micaela was born, a couple at the Fort Rucker Band gave us this stuffed animal, a very soft Gund bear, all in pink. From Day One, Micaela has cherished this bear, whom she aptly named "Baby". Well, tonight we were looking through some old pictures from 2000 time frame and she saw this picture of herself as a newborn, and in the background was her Baby! She was so excited. She asked if we could take a picture of her Baby now and put them size-by-side.
Well, since I am so new to blogging, I have yet to figure how to pur two pictures in the same look at the post above this one to see the picture that Micaela liked so much. She was only 5 days old in that picture....That was the ONLY bottle she took for like 18 months!

Anyhow, here is her Baby and mine....
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