Thursday, November 03, 2005

Adam's last day

Today is Adam's last day at school. He has attended Special Ed preschool at a local elementary, but after extensive testing, the therapists and teachers can find no evidence of Adam's speech disability! His diagnosis was severe oral non-verbal apraxia. They led him through the entire apraxia diag test but he has only two characteristics out of like 100.....He nailed every section of all of his testing....

This is GREAT news! While Adam will miss hanging out with other kids his own age, he and I will get to continue working aggressively on his homeschooling lessons. Adam is VERY bright and he's a sweet child (when he's not trying to drive my crazy!)

I am very proud of him. He's worked so hard on his speech. We still have a ways to go, but we'll get there. His teacher says she will miss him because she helped him teach the other kids.

I will NOT miss having to wake him up. He is NOT a morning person....(he comes by that naturally). Posted by Picasa

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