Tuesday, November 29, 2005

almost done

Tonight we applied the primer to the outside and inside of the closet, as well as the colored paint ...I say WE when actually Greg was the one who did it all. I just pop in for moral support...I do clean the brushes and pans (sooo helpful, I know). The colors don't show as well on the photographs but they are FABULOUS! Our cherry and other dark furniture will look great in here......We are VERY pleased with the look so far. It's a whole new room!

It looks like we'll actually make our deadline of being done before Greg has to return to work!! Tomorrow, another coat of paints, staining the chair rail and the louvered doors and some trim work......

Now, we're off to watch "War of the Worlds". I am not a big Tom Cruise fan. I think he's odd....but anything is better than last night's "Being Julia"...Ghastly! Posted by Picasa

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