Thursday, November 24, 2005

back...on a limited basis

Don't you love that look on Adam's face? It's very similar to the one of MY face, since I have NO INTERENET ACCESS! How am I blogging now, u ask? Well, Greg, that handy man of mine, rigged up dial-up....(Man, I hate dial-up...) it's soooooo slow. I am a DSL spoiled brat, I know....

But I am back....on a limited slow basis. I will be totally back when the bedroom renovation is complete. As with any home improvement project, it has turned out to be more extensive than we had planned....but it's shaping up gloriously! I am so blessed to have a truly HANDY guy. I can't believe how wonderful it's looking so far.

I also bought a new camera. My other one, the big time fancy, holy-smokes expensive one is in the shop. One tiny button broke and wouldn't u believe it, the warranty doesn't cover that!! So my serious camera is down for repairs. So I cought me a fill-in camera. It's a cute lil Fuji FinePix, 5MP. When people ask for recommendations, I always tell them the Fuji FinePix is the way to go. So I followed my own advice...I'll start uploading new and CURRENT pictures as soon as I read the lil instruction booklet....

Well, today is Thanksgiving. And I am THANKFUL! Boy am I thankful. Blessed with a loving husband, a wonderful family, my health is good. Nothing else really matters....I pretty much have it all. So you, out there reading, look around YOU and be thankful. Posted by Picasa

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