Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Dash from The Incredibles

Halloween was sooooo much fun! Adam went as Dash, from the Incredibles. It was a surprise. he didn't know I had bought the costume until right before we left for trick-or-treating. He was dressed in his dragon costume, happy as can be. Then I pulled out Dash. He started ripping his clothes off to change! He had a BLAST! He scored about 30# of candy.....

He was shy at first, but then marched up and yelled "Trick or Treat...do ya have candy?"
He seemed confused for the first few houses, he traded candy. The people would offer him a candy and he thought you had to trade for it....but he was a quick study.

Jonathan (shown in the background), now 17,
but with the mind and heart of a much younger child, did not wear a costume this year.
Adam and Micaela made sure their brother had lots of candy.

Greg and I were worn out from what seemed like a walking tour of P'Ville (really was only about 5 blocks...)

It was a super fun night.... Posted by Picasa

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