Sunday, November 27, 2005

dishes vs e-mail and other stuff

With my very limited, incredibly slow e-mail access, I have noticed that my dishwasher is getting unloaded much faster....Could this be a coincidence? Hmm, certainly something to ponder.

I am 89% done with my Christmas shopping. Since I have little to buy, it makes for quick work. I have only one thing left to buy for Micaela, and 3 small gifts for Jonathan.....We decided to load up on the LeapFrog learning system for Micaela and Adam (and begrudgingly, one froo-froo- Barbie) and Jonathan will get another CD player.

Jonathan had a CD player last year but destroyed it during a particularly violent behavioral episode. He's been relatively calm for months, so we're going to take that chance again. Gift buying is tough for Jonathan. Chronologically, he's 17, has facial hair and loves to look at girls.....but mentally, he's between 4-6 years old. Most days, he's happy watching the preschool station "Noggin" with the smaller kids. It's so not age appropriate but he loves it. So how and what do you buy for a mentally retarded 17 year old that won't hurt him or eventually be a weapon? It's this year, he gets another CD players and a replacement blue shirt. (Jonathan has ONE favorite blue shirt, he would wear ir every day if I allowed it).....

Gotta go make some bread....and get out of this house....!! Posted by Picasa

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