Wednesday, November 09, 2005

do ya feel lucky?

Adam stared at the puddle. For what seemed like minutes. It was almost as if he were weighing the consequences, "Should I do it?" How much trouble will I really get in? Will it be worth it?"

We had just returned home from Daisy Meeting (where Micaela continues to enjoy herself). I had been rushed all day, running hither and yon (just where the heck is hither anyway...?) I have not stopped running all day...

So he's standing there at the edge of this puddle, and Iwas just about to HOLLER at him. And something stopped me. I just stared at him....and since my camera was around my neck, I snapped this picture of him. He then looked up and said, ever so sweetly, "I love you, Mom....can I jump?"

Needless to say, the uncool Mom that I am, I said no. Part of me wanted to let him though. He's only going to small a while longer. He's growing up so quickly.... Posted by Picasa

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