Thursday, November 17, 2005

favorite pictures of mine

While my camera is down for repairs:
from my vast and varied collection of pictures, I share with you some of my favorite photos. This is a RARE picture of both of my sons together. With a 14 year age difference between them, you'd think they'd have nothing to say to each other. But they get along surprisingly well. Jonathan doesn't like to give hugs very often and I was lucky to get a shot of Adam on Jon's lap. They may be miles apart in age and ability, but simply put: they love each other.

Now it's not all sunshine and happiness. Jonathan gets annoyed by Adam. Mainly when they both want to sit in the leather recliner in the TV room. Adam doesn't like it when Jonathan has a meltdown, it scares him. But through it all, there's a bond....

In this particular picture, it isn't their faces that I look at. It's their so large, the other so small. What a difference. I love those guys......

By the way, this picture was taken in the house we rented when we first moved here. My kitchen is NOT a putrid yellow. (I am not a yellow person!) For the record, my kitchen is blue.... Posted by Picasa

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