Sunday, November 06, 2005

A happy day...

We celebrated my birthday today. Greg will be out of town
on the actual day so he and the kids went shopping for my gifts today! First they took me to lunch at Chili's (yum!) then they were off to Wal-Mart while I walked around a scrapbook store. I bought some new stuff (not much though) and we went home. I got in the car and Jonathan immediately revealed the secret gift that awaited me.....(He cannot keep a secret...)

My gifts were special:
Micaela bought me a wonderful candle that smells like buttercream frosting.
Adam got me a helmet.
Jonathan bought me a picture frame.
And Greg bought me a new bike! I have been wanting one FOREVER! It was such a thoughtful gift, and a complete surprise! So the weather will hopefully hold out a bit longer so I can ride my new cruiser. It was too dark out to get a picture of me on my bike but maybe after Greg returns from his trip...What a sweet husband I have. I am a lucky woman!

The picture is from Adam and I being silly on the front porch. That boy always seems to have chocolate pop-tart on his face....but he's always smiling!

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