Sunday, November 06, 2005

how old is 37....?

My husband is celebrating my birthday today, since he will be out of town on Wednesday. So the children have been told that it's my birthday today....
Micaela and Adam came down to sing to me this morning as I was checking my e-mail....
Micaela asked me," how old are you, Momma?"
I have never had a problem with my age so I replied, "Mommy is 37...."
She looked at Adam, he looked at her and they were VERY confused. (see picture below)
They know their numbers and couldn't remember this one....
Then Micaela asks, "How old is 37, Mom?"
So we grabbed the blocks out of the homeschooling kits
and counted out 37 blocks...
She looked at me and says, "That's A LOT of blocks, Mom..."

She's not kidding!

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