Monday, November 28, 2005

INSIDE of our new closet

He's applying the final coat of putty to the interior of our new closet...
You can also see the heart he painted for me on the wall....
I love how hard he's working for us. It's his leave (vacation for your non-military people) and he's worked harder here than his office...Well, maybe not, but you get the idea....

Tonight he applies the final putty then sands some of it off.
I am off tomorrow morning to investigate framing of the print for the bedroom wall.
This whole decorating thing is new to us. When we lived in Alaska, we had neighbors/friends who expressed great sympathy that we were "too poor to decorate". Greg and I are NOT poor, we just never chose to decorate. As a military wife (HOOAH!), I never wanted to have to un-do what I did, every year or so....So we waited. We'll be here a LONG time, so we're decorating!!

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