Monday, November 07, 2005

a picture is worth....

a thousand words?
more... in my opinion.
I took this one yesterday before my husband and kids whisked me off for birthday fun.

You just know they're planning something.
You don't know what yet....

I love taking pictures of my kids.
They are so darn cute.
Don't know what I'll do when Adam outgrown his "100% Love" shirt from the GAP.

At it's 5:15pm, they're already yawning..Gonna stuff their bellies and toss them in bed and get busy scrapping!! My chick movies won't be in from Netflix until tomorrow, so tonight, I SCRAP!

Maybe tomorrow, I'll upload a page here.....maybe....I dunno though. I am pretty private about my pages...but we'll see.... Posted by Picasa

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