Monday, November 28, 2005

things from my day

1) Micaela has TWO loose teeth...Her bottom two front teeth...She's terribly excited. (When the Tooth Fairy visits, he leaves $1.00 and one new book) She's spent many an hour drawing pretty pictures for the Tooth Fairy....

The picture that Greg and I ordered for our bedroom arrived today. It's a VERY large and beautiful picture of Denali in the Fall. (Not one I took but just as nice....probably nicer, in fact!) I can't wait to have it framed. The room is shaping up nicely. We might to start painting tonight. Long days of work. (Greg NEVER wants to be a manual laborer, he says)

3) Book I am reading right now (which rocks!) is "Consent to Kill", by Vince Flynn. It's such a great read. It's about.....oh I am not telling!

More later.....time for snack with the kidlets.... Posted by Picasa

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