Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Today is Election Day. Most of us groan when we think of election day. I mean, it's sooooo ordinary. We take it for granted that we have this freedom, this priviledge. Many people around the world do not. Like many of you, I watched with a tear in my eye as Iraqis voted in January, showing with pride their purple ink-stained fingers. They risked their LIVES to vote. I have friends and family who are presently in harm's way in Iraq. They serve on the front lines. One told me that during January, al-Zarqawi's men hung signs all over that read simply, "You vote, you die". Still they came. and they voted.

So today, as your TV plays nothing but last minute commercials for Candidate A or B, just remember that it's a privildge, an honor, that was given to you by the blood of our forefathers. Honor them by doing the right thing. No matter who you vote for, just votePosted by Picasa

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