Thursday, December 29, 2005

13 fabulous moments

I love to take pictures.
Those of you who know me in REAL life know that I am pretty obnoxious with my camera.
I love to capture the ordianary moments that make my life so nice.
I usually photograph simple things, like Adam stretched across a bed with his one sock foot. Or Micaela prancing across my room. I tend to let the LARGE moments go by....I would rather concentrate on the simpler, more intangible moments, the ones that weave their way through our lives, making us who we are. Most of us remember birthdays, but do we remember our favorite toy, the dress that we HAD to wear, the way we looked sleeping.
That is what I like to photograh...
so for Thirteen Thursday, I will share with you 13 of my favorite pictures. Each has its own story to tell. Each was a meaningful moment to me. It might not look like it to an outsider but these photos speak to me....
What do they say to you? I would love to know.... Posted by Picasa

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