Thursday, December 29, 2005

#13 salmon

Summer 2004:

This was taken as I was STANDING in the water. It was definitely one of THE coolest moments in my whole life. Greg traveled so much back and forth from Fairbanks to Anchorage during our three years there, he knew all the cool stops along the way. This was an out of the way pond. well, pond isn't exactly right but it was smaller than a lake. You could stand there and watch HUNDREDS of salmon, coming to spawn. If you stepped into the water (which was freezing, I might add) they would scatter. But if you stayed still enough for long enough, they would return on their path and swim right through your legs. It was SO cool. These salmon in such a hurry to meet their destiny bumped into my legs. The picture cannot do the moment justice. It was BETTER than watching it on Discovery Channel, that's for sure.... Posted by Picasa

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