Thursday, December 15, 2005

13 things!

It's 13 things Thursday!

Todya is 13 things that make me happy. Be warned, some are sappy.....but hey, it's MY blog, I can say what I wanna...

Things making me happy:

1. my children's laughter

2. hearing Adam or Micaela singing, when they think they are alone.

3. my favorite mexican blanket

4. my church (Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Reston, VA)

5. crafting up a storm, and things coming out like I designed them

6.sweet tea, with lots of crushed ice

7. my husband calling me mid-day for no reason, just to say "hello/I love you"

8. comments on my blog (hint, hint all you lurkers!)

9. chocolate

10. the colors black, white and red together husband in uniform!

12. reading when I can...

13. did I mention chocolate...? Posted by Picasa

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