Thursday, December 22, 2005

13 Thursday

It's Thirteen Thursday...I am a mixed bag sort of mood. Happy and stressed and blue all at the same time.

*Happy that my house smells like homemade cinnamon breadsticks that Micaela and I made this morning.
*Stressed be cause I have about 50 gifts to wrap! Greg is taking the two little ones to Home Depot so I can wrap like a crazy woman......
*and blue, because it's the holidays. I sing Christmas carls and it makes me think of my dad. He died in 1997 and I miss him's eas to forget that crappy side of someone when they die. I just miss the good side of my dad. I wish he'd known my kids. I wish I could sit in my living room, bring him something to drink and hear his voice once more, singing "Oh Come all ye faithful" in latin....what I wouldn't give......

so I'll do three entries of "Thirteen Thursday"

This one is 13 things that irritate the crap out of me....and they are NOT in order of irritation!

1) child molesters- those of you who knows me know how I am about this. I am VIGILANT about protecting my kids and I take it very seriously. It irritates me when I watch people treat their children so casually. I am a bit of a freak about personal safety, especially after a chance encounter in a Wal-Mart with an actual in-the-flesh just released from prison PEDOPHILE....I will NEVER understand why we, as a society, allow these people out of prison. I think people who see children and babies as sexual beings should be shot on the spot. Very un-Christian of me, I know. But I am very Old Testament about this...

2. I have an irrational fear of lizards. My 3 year old likes to torture me with a very life-like rubber lizard. It scares me every time and he laughs every time. I am also scared of large spiders...

3. complete intolerance for able bodied people parking in handicapped spots, JUST BECAUSE THEY'RE IN A FREAKING HURRY! I wish I had a "boot" to stick on their wheels...

4. Also related to the aforementioned entry is people who cut across the parking lot! Why can people just turn down the proper lanes? What is so difficult about that? I don't get it!!

5. rap music-why do we NEED music that objectifies women, killing cops and mayhem? We need this? NO! I can't wrap my head around it. It annoys me very much.

6. Paris Hilton- she's a scantily clad trailer ho with a pedigree. (my apologies to nice people who live in trailers)

7. the sock many socks do 5 people REALLY need? If they sold disposable socks, I would probably buy them!

8. waiting. I am NOT a patient person, unless it's MY idea to wait. I am VERY impatient. I don't have to wonder where my daughter gets it from...

9. people who take "political correctness" to a level that seems insane. (as in no longer saying CHRISTmas, but saying holiday or celebration instead of CHRISTmas?? )

10. GUM or FOOD SMACKERS!! This one makes me psychotic. I mean it. Way back when I was a young single gal, I would stop dating guys if I discovered they were gum smackers....I think it shows a complete lack of class, a major character flaw in my book. I mean, come on, parents..for the sake of all well-mannered-people, TEACH YOUR KIDS TO CHEW WITH THEIR MOUTHS SHUT! You can be the most attractive person, and then pop gum in your mouth and look like a cow chewing cud. It's disgusting.

11. the liberal bias of the news media. This REALLY pisses me off. Don't even get me started.

12. Daycares for kids. Glorified cattle barns for children. I know by saying this, I will make people mad. You should not have kids if you are not going to raise them yourself. It's sad. I see many people (some I even call friends) whose children spend more time in daycare than in their own homes. I am blessed to be at home with my kids. That being said, they drive me batty and I wish I could get a babysitter sometimes, but I AM HERE, raising them, listening to their stories, their worries, their laughter. I am here for it all. And that's what parenthood is about: being here for your kids. No matter what you have to give up. My husband and I made a committment to me being at home. We do without stuff, but it's just that: "STUFF"

13. I am not going to list #13. I am going to reserve it for later....... :)

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