Monday, December 05, 2005

book review

I finished my book yesterday. It was sad. I didn't want it to end....I am a voracious reader. Always have been, always will be. I was soooo shy as a kid and reading helped me escape. So I read constantly. The only thing I DO NOT read is romance novels. I have read a few Danielle Steel books but they are so stupid.....A good friend of mine, who I respect and admire a great deal, reads Harlequin romance novels....I just don't get it...

Anyway.....I digress.....I finished my book. It was THE BEST BOOK from page one to the end. I literally cried at the ending. It was so well done. I am going to get his other books at my local P'Ville library (our P'Ville library rocks).

So any of you looking for a good book to read, get this one!

author: Vince Flynn
Book: "Consent to Kill"
ISBN: 0743270363
480 riveting pages.

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