Monday, December 19, 2005

a casual day

Went to Greg's office for a small party. Was nice seeing people I rarely get to see. My husband works with nice people.
Saw the most heart wrenching site: beautiful Christmas wreaths adorning the headstones at Arlington. Greg promised he'd take a picture for me tomorrow when he goes to work. I think it's something every family should see and talk about.
Nothing exciting to report today.....the part was certainly the highlight of my day. Nothing exciting really happens in my day. Heck, the most thrilling new thing to happen in the last hour was a wrong number on my cell phone and my husband I looked up the numberon the reverse directory (no luck, don't know who it was) but that reverse directory thing is very cool.
I will be going to Target today with Jon. Have to return some things that won't work as gifts...and I still have to shop for my husband's gift.....He already owns everything DeWalt (except a belt sander) so I am fresh out of ideas.....

Well, onto the excitement that is my afternoon! Posted by Picasa

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