Wednesday, December 07, 2005

dino happy!

We went BACK to the local killer-macho thrift store (The Blue Ridge Hospice Thrift Store).
The kids TORE threw the toy area like they were twisters. Since most kids' short term memory is that of a knat, I was able to get $40.00 worth of toys for Christmas! They each were allowed to pick one thing that they could take I ended up with two lawn and leaf bags FULL of toys. I even got some toys for Jonathan!

Although not entirely age-appropriate, I did buy him some stuff that he will enjoy. This is one of the hardest things to do: buy Christmas gifts for Jonathan. Mentally, he's between 4-8 years old (depending on which skill you're referring to), in a 17-year old body. It's tough....He's taller than me and he would rather watch preschool cartoons with the wee ones. So when Christmas rolls around, it makes it tough for us as parents to buy things that are age-appropriate that he will be able to grasp.....Last year we bought him a CD player. He loved it! Like most teenagers, he likes to play his music too loud....but sadly, the CD player eventually became a weapon during one of his violent outbursts.....we'll be replacing it this year with better results (we hope!)

Anyhow, I bought him a Scooby Doo Mystery Machine van, you pull it backwards and it rolls forward on its own. He's going to love it.....I also bought him a small garage for his Matchbox cars....

All Adam cared about was this dinosaur shirt....It was $2.00 and well worth it...The happiness on his face makes worth it! My boy LOVES dinosaurs...... Posted by Picasa

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