Monday, December 19, 2005

eeewwww gross

Went to the PX after the Christmas party today.
Took the kids to the bathroom.
This lady came out of the bathroom, literally ran her hands under the water for 3 seconds (but used NO SOAP) and then proceeded to fix her curls. She spent probably 2 full minutes on her hair.
and then she left.

RANDOM GROSS THING: It is DISGUSTING for food service workers not to wash their hands after using the bathroom. NASTY!!! Has she not heard of E. Coli?

I went directly to find the manager to report her. Well, lo and behold, SHE IS THE MANAGER. So I said to her (in the presence of at least 10 customers), "I was just in the bathroom and saw you leave without washing your hands." She calmly wiped her hands against her apron and proceeded to argue with me that she did wash them, all the while noticing that customers were watching (whose food she was preparing glove-less). I repeated that she had not and that other people had witnessed this as well.

I finally walked away. It's just sooooo gross.

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p said...

there has to be someone above her that you can report her to.
ewwwwwwww is right!! yuck...