Wednesday, December 28, 2005

my Jonathan

Went to pick up med refills yesterday. Going to try and arange it so we can get refills LOCALLY instead of trucking it 50 miles away to post. It's a pain. I know I shouldn't complain, it's FREE but still, it's a pain. But I did it......without those meds, Jonathan just isn't fun to be around...

He was almost jovial to be around while at the pharmacy. Laughing, cutting up. He gets irritated easily when I am distracted with the younger kids and I think he ends up feeling ignored or put upon sometimes. Ah, the life of a teenager with younger siblings.....I wouldn't know: I was the BABY of my family (best for last and all, ya know....)

Anyway, I took this picture of him yesterday. (Greg fixed the blemishes on his face, Jon is not wanting to wash his face and he's all broken out)....I just love this guy. Even though, most days I don't understand what motivates him....I love him. Posted by Picasa

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