Friday, December 16, 2005

my lil readers

This morning after Greg left for work, I sat in the dining room, rushing to finish my Christmas cards...(I am DETERMINED to actually make/mail them today!) The ice storm that has shut down the East Coast has made a slush of my driveway.....the kids are anxious to go to the craft store to get googly eyes for some holiday decorations that I have promised to make today....

then, amid the noise that is constant in this house, I hear Micaela say, "Adam, let's read some books while we wait for Mom." I was thinking, "Cool, she loves books like I do..." then my heart melted. I heard the sweetest voice, reading "Where the Wild Things are". All of the words, perfectly recited. She used two different voices, one for Max and another for the Wild Things. (we read it nightly, as it's Adam's fave bedtime book). She sounded just like me.

I hope my kids learn to love reading. God knows they always see me with a book in my hand....I want them to love the thrill of going to the library like I did, and still do. It makes me proud, as a mom, that Micaela is showing such an affinity for books. She cannot read on her own yet, but these things will come and when they do, watch out! Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

that is so sweet suzanne.
i thought that i would write you back on the blog since i hear more about your life here now.
this was a really cute story. thanks for sharing.