Monday, December 05, 2005

off to a good start

It's 6am.
The dishwasher is unloaded (and reloaded...)
The laundry is DONE. I have only one stack left to do.
I have had my tea and shortbread.
And it's only 6AM!!

I am going to get A LOT done today, by golly! Not a moment will be wasted today...

Jonathan is just waiting to spring from his room (he's been up since 0430, which means I have been as well). Luckily, the wee ones are still zonked out....

I love it when I start my day off on a positive note!!

We're supposed to get some serious snow today. I am going to the store to get a few things then I am going to make pink cupcakes for my lil girl.....(she still calls them pup-cakes) Posted by Picasa

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