Monday, December 05, 2005

open mouth, catch SNOW!

I took the smaller camera with me to pick up Micaela.
Running out the door.
Adam noticed it's snowing (barely...) and what does he do?
he opens his mouth to catch the snowflakes.....
what you don't see is that he almost made us late to pick up his sister. He refused to get in the car. He stood in the yard, trying to scrape up enough snow to make a snowball.....

Of course, this chill is nice. It's actually FREEZING. People FREAK here when it starts snowing. I mean it, THEY FREAK! Since most everyone in the DC and surrounding area is foreign-born (or does it just seem like it?), no one seems to know how to drive on snow or ice....They close the schools for snow. I swear last year, the closed school if two flakes fell within the same hour. I don't envy the schools the task before them. Keeping kids safe on buses on hazardous roads. But last year, they closed schools because it would have "taken too long to warm the buses up." They would have to call in bus drivers two hours early (which the Unions don't like apparently) so they just cancel school.

I am glad we moved out of that counyty. I am anxious to see if my current county (Loudoun) is better. So far, they are better on EVERYTHING. I live in the wealthiest county in Virginia, according to some poll I read this weekend. All I know is I like it here. It FEELS like home to me. Posted by Picasa

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