Friday, December 23, 2005

Suzanne's La la Christmas list

(the "if money was no object and I didn't have any bills to pay" gift in "it ain't ever gonna happen")

*30GB IPod (very impractical for me, but still, I want it....)

*Black & Decker SS925 Storm Station (cool tool, which I think would be handy)

*small tasteful SOLITAIRE STYLE diamond earrings (no cheesy clusters) to replace the ones I lost last year, smaller than 1/2 carat each or they would hurt my tender ears... (I have one, maybe I should sell it to someone with a single piercing..)

*any of the Chanel No. 5 perfume gift sets ( I love to smell good)

*20 pounds to magically fly off my ass...(okay 30 pounds....)

*A lifetime supply of winning scratch offs

*Unlimited scrapbooking supplies from wherever I want for free, and the time to actually use them!

*a year's supply of Mercken's baking chocolate from King Arthur Flour and then lipo, to lose all the weight I would gain from eating aforementioned chocolate....

*And of course health and happiness and fun for my friends and family in the new year!

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