Saturday, December 10, 2005

too early

It's only 725am...on Saturday. Day of the party. Why does it feel like I didn't sleep? I am so tired.....And wouldn't you know it? Not only did I forget to turn on the dishwasher last night (so I woke up to DIRTY DISHES...ARGH!) but I also forgot to make a new gallon of sweet tea?

I am supposed to confront this day and be a font of Christmasey perkiness WITH NO SWEET TEA??? It will be a challenge but I am gonna give it a shot.....

Greg hooked my computer back up in the bedroom. I have my DSL back. THANK GOD!!! I hate dial-up with a passion. I know I am spoiled....I admit it.

I am not looking forward to the party. It's a transition thing for me. I know I'll have fun once I get there and get in the groove.....but as the main planning hostess, I just don't want to hear "Well, they should have done this." or "Can you believe they don't have this?"...I just want people to be grateful for the FREE PARTY they're getting.....

My kids are going an hour early to jump on the MoonBouncer. Perks of being the hostess' kids.

Tonight we start wrapping the MOUND of gifts for the kids. I balanced their gifts: half new and half from our great thirft store in town....

Off to start this day now. It will start without me if I don't move along..... Posted by Picasa

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