Sunday, December 18, 2005

what is....

My buddy in PA wants to know "what is mexican cocoa?"

Well, PAIGE (that's her name.....I'll tell you all about her in a minute) Mexican cocoa is just that: a powdered cocoa mix that is SUPER SWEET with a hint of other spices (like cinnamon, almond flavor and some other yummy stuff)

It's my favorite thing from my childhood. I smell that and am instantly transported to my mom's kitchen, safe and warm next to her. I buy it at Food Lion or the Mexican market and grind mine up in the food processor. It comes in small blocks and I grind it up and keep it in a jar. Micaela BEGS for it....It's just like when I was a small girl....

Now onto to who PAIGE is.......She's my internet pen-pal from PA. We met online YEARS ago. She's a fine Christian woman with a kind heart and good values. She cooks, bakes and eats (just like me). She shares recipes and stories with me. And we have never met!! Posted by Picasa

Distance was an issue when I lived in Alabama then Alaska. But NOW, we live on ly 80 miles we're gonna meet. I am so nervous! What if she doesn't like me? What if she thinks I am a kook? (Well, by now, she KNOWS I am a kook!)

I just think Paige is awesome. She's been my angel friend more times that I can share. She is so kind. I wonder what I did to deserve such a fine friend.....

Are you reading this, Paige??

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