Friday, January 27, 2006

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Till Faucets Do Us Part

Warning: remodeling can wreck a marriage.

By Karen Breslau

Jan. 30, 2006 issue - On television decorating shows, the featured couple is inevitably cheerful and agreeable: cooing as they examine tile samples, nudging each other with mutual delight as they shop for chandeliers. But as anyone who has been through a real-life home-renovation project knows, suppressing the urge to clobber your spouse with a piece of crown molding can also be part of the experience. "Going through a remodel can push a couple to the edge," says Rachel Cox, a marriage and family therapist in Palo Alto, Calif. "Every tension they have gets magnified a hundredfold."

Cox would know—she specializes in counseling couples facing the stress of home renovation. It's not just battles over cherrywood versus bamboo flooring. Remodeling projects, says Cox, ultimately boil down to "money, time, energy and power," the very things that can make—or break—a marriage. "These projects reveal deeper issues," agrees Dr. Judy Kuriansky, a psychology professor at Columbia University.

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(did I mention that Greg and I just survived a major room remodeling...? We did not tear each other apart. I was impatient but we didn't need counseling over it....sheesh!) Posted by Picasa

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