Tuesday, January 10, 2006

fitness factoid

I am getting REALLY obnoxious, I know....(I am not quite the Snack Nazi yet, but fast approaching it, I fear.) I am throwing out all of the ice cream today. I would rather waste it than eat it.....
The fitness plan is going well. I weighed myself last week and I won't weigh myself again until next mont....Why wait so long, you ask? Because I am not doing this with my main goal being to lose weight. I am interested in my long-term health......But I would love it if that meant I was thinner......
I was cruising www.msnbc.com today and saw this on the Diet and Fitness section:

To lose a pound of fat, you need to create a deficit of 3,500 calories. To lose one pound a week, you need to create an average 500-calorie deficit each day. And to lose two pounds, you need a 1,000-calorie deficit. Those deficits can be achieved through various combinations of diet and exercise. To create a 1,000-calorie deficit, for instance, you might aim to eat 500 fewer calories each day and burn 500 more through exercise.

So today I start my food diary....It all starts me ME....

As a side note, I am really tired today. Started out all energetic but now I feel sluggish. I have a backache that won't go away (which means KIDNEY INFECTION) and I am headed to a small crop tonight.....but I will be back to do my self-portrait Tuesday(SPT) .....if you wanna glance other SPT's go here....http://selfportraittuesday.blogspot.com/ Posted by Picasa

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Scott B. said...

True! Losing a pound a week would require a 500 calorie deficit a day.

Clarifying it a little better, losing a pound a week would require one to reduce their 'average' calorie intake by 500 each day without dropping below their required calorie intake.

For many that should be on a 1800 calorie diet, they may be consuming 2300 calories a day. They need to reduce those calories by 500 to lose the weight.

Just think... someone who drinks Starbucks every morning could lose 104 lbs in a year by going without their guilty pleasure... heh