Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Stress makes me want to eat copius amounts of chocolate. And I am stressing right now....

I am irritated. I ordered a whole bunch of stuff from Simple Scrapbooks online store at the beginning of December...still haven't gotten it. Sent three separate nicely worded e-mails, no answer. Finally call them today only to hear they're "backlogged" I don't think business should charge your credit card until they ship stuff. but that's just me. So they refunded my money....but I really wanted that stuff....

Now I am grappling with whether to buy "The Big Picture" by Stacy Julian. I want that book worse than I want chocolate.....and that's saying something! But I am going to buy it from www.amazon.com after getting shafted from SS's wesbite store. I love SS but man, they gotta get it toegther! As a customer, I am highly demanding and there are too many other places to shop for items. If I could buy it locally, I would go today and get it....In fact, I might do just that....That means dragging Mr. "I don't want to go anywhere" Adam with me....Hmm, gonna have to ponder this a while, I think.

This calls for a cup of tea and some calming music.....(I really need to let the small stuff go, don't I?)

but man, I want that book.....(Is it glaringly obvious that I lack the ability to be at all patient?) Posted by Picasa

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