Friday, January 20, 2006

good things from Nana

I love my mother-in-law....I do. (and she does NOT read my blog so this is NOT a shameless ploy to gain mother-in-law points). Not only is she the mother of the finest man I know (my darling husband, Greg) but on her own, she's a heck of a woman. I love hearing her stories. I love being near her (she lives in Iowa but visits frequently). I wish sometimes that we lived in Iowa so we could see more of her.....She's a great mother-in-law and an AWESOME grandma (whom we call Nana).

And I admire her artwork so much.

SHE KNITS. She handmade ALL of the beautiful afghans in my home. One of each family members' bed. All color coordinated to match each room's theme.

Plus she made one for Micaela's "babies".....

Good things from Nana....always. Posted by Picasa

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