Thursday, January 19, 2006


I got goodie in the mail yesterday. My friend, Linda, (fellow ARMY wife, her husband is also a Commander/Conductor AND she's a scrapbooker) sent me some yummies from Germany (lucky gal lives in GERMANY!!) In my box was TEAS!! (I Love tea) is some strawberry, raspberry, honey, and a variety of flavors....PLUS she even sent a tea cup and saucer....PLUS that really cool jungle themed tin, which had candies for the kids.....

Plus she made me a card!

THANK YOU LINDA. (danke soviel)
You made my day. Yesterday was a GREAT mail day... Posted by Picasa

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Linda said...

Yay! you GOT it! I'm so glad! I hope you enjoy tasting all the teas...I have been enjoying a cup of tea almost every afternoon (the cold weather definitely helps!). If there is one that you really like, let me know when you run out and I'll send more.

That didn't take long at MIL mailed a package two weeks ago and it's not here yet!