Friday, January 06, 2006

It's FRIDAY, baby!

and you know that means?? It's THE WEEKEND, BABY!! (you have to say this in your best Austin Powers voice!)

Man, I totally blew off my 13 Thursday entry. It was either that or scrub the kitchen cabinet fronts and they were FILTHY. So I'll hold my list till next Thursday.....

But today, I have GOALS, oh yes I have goals! I did well yesterday. I didn't pig out on anything. Again a sensible breakfast and lunch. Even dinner was small and respectable. I am really trying not think of this as a diet. Because I have never been on a diet in my life. But I am looking at this as a life change. This is something I will have to do for a long time. I wanna be able to rock my granbabies someday and sit, holding hands with my husband on the porch, overlooking some river in Alaska.....If I lose weight, great. If I am HEALTHIER, awesome....!

My goals for today are as follows:

* go feed the ducks at Hill High Orchard with Adam. Of course, this is weather permitting.
* continue my one LO per day challenge. No matter how simple, it has to be one LO per day! Gotta get my mojo back, man!
* Since I did both the dreaded sock basket AND the cabinet fronts AND mopped yesterday, today I am putting away Christmas. It's all taken down, I just need to put the containers away.....
* and lastly, find an indoor track with 10 miles of my house...Easier said than done....

So I am off to start this day.....My hair is sticking up farther than I thought possible. I am letting it grow out (I do this annually, then give up) I feel like I have too much hair already. I am not made for longer hair anymore. It just bugs me. I can't think with all this hair.... Posted by Picasa

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