Saturday, January 28, 2006

Live Grace Fully

This is what I see when I am driving....

It's a clear sticker that is on my windshield. It's a freebie from our bank, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. When I rec'd it in the mail, I considered putting it on my back window but my windows are darkened. PLUS I figure I can be a better example for others if I personally Live God's grace FULLY.

So when I am sitting in traffic, or feel my blood pressure go up from some jerk cutting me off in traffic, I look there and remember what I am suppsed to do.


It's a very good reminder. So I wanted to share it with you guys. Just a slice of my life.

Now I am off to start this day. I have already made waffles for Greg, sent him off to Men's choir rehearsal and I am seriously considering an outdoor activity today. It's GORGEOUS today! Slightly chilly but SUNNY! Posted by Picasa

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Linda said...

wish I could have one of those stickers...I definitely need grace when I drive!