Sunday, January 08, 2006

my place to relax

we all have a place that we unwind. Usually for me, it's anywhere I get to read...
My other place is my scrap room, where I scrapbook and stamp.
This picture is of 75% of my scrap room.
Before you think, "Man, she's got it made!"...I do! It's my own space. It's not perfect but it works. It's in my basement, which is okay if you're less than 5'6" tall (which I am).
It is an old root cellar that now has a concrete floor. I occasionally find spider-webs in my stuff.
I seriously thought of entering into one of those contests for the Saddest Space. But then I thought about it again...I know some girls who scrap in their 1 BDR apartments and keep their stuff in showeboxes in a CLOSET.
So I am thankful for what I have. It's mine....It's not a good shot. I have every inch of space filled. Hopefully I will get some time down there today...I am taking Jonathan to see "The Ringer" if it's still playing.... Posted by Picasa

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Linda said...

My stuff is in an appropriated linen closet (the linen is in the baby's closet!)...AND in the storage room in the basement. If there had been room (and better lighting and outlets) I might have considered making that my scrap area, but I'm dealing with some issues about it...I'll be blogging about that soon!