Wednesday, January 18, 2006

rain...rain...go away

I know I sound whiney, but I hate this weather. It's slightly chilly. Rainy. Wet, Miserable.

Good weather to make beef stew though....I have that book "Fix it and Forget it" and it has THE BEST stew recipe in that's what on the dinne menu tonight. That and some cornbread...

I made 4 complete double LO's for Ebay last I want to do 4 more today and then take the rest of the week off from scrapbooking for Ebay. Otherwise, I will hate doing it....I still want to love my hobby. I have decided that I cannot do both scrapbooking AND stamping. I am going to sell off DOZENS of my stamp sets. They're just sitting there, unused. It's not right......I want to be JUST a scrapbooker again.....

Off again to the library today with Adam to work on homeschooling again. We are so blessed to have a FABULOUS library right here in P'Ville....I am so excited! Tomorrow night I get to go to a MNO (Mom's Night Out) for Homeschooling Moms. I am hopeful that meeting other moms with similar interests will inspire me.

Well, it's 0630 and I have to get moving...I am done with my tea and need to get things in order for the day.... Posted by Picasa

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Scott B. said...

"I know I sound whiney"

I've never known you to be "whiney."