Wednesday, January 04, 2006

resistance feels good

I have been soooo good today! I had a healthy breakfast, only used half as much sugar in my one cup of hot tea, and did some stretching. ( I KNOW stretching is NOT exercising, but hey, I was movin'!)

Then I did the grocery shopping. You know how when you're flat busted broke, you find EVERYTHING on sale and in your size? That's how I felt at the grocery store! Everywhere I looked, I saw sweets and yummies. I just calmly put my fruit in my buggy and shouted down those un-healthy demons on every aisle. Didn't help when Adam says, "Mommy, the donuts are calling you.....they know your name!" When let them FORGET my name...I want to live until my children are OLD. No donut is gonna help me do that. I am tired of feeling yucky and chubby and am ready to start something new.

Still wearing my new shoes. Are they still new on Day 3 of ownership? They feel AWESOME....

I am off to pick up lil Ms. Sweetie Pie from Kindergarten. Bet you she nags me about those cupcakes we still have not made.....Too bad I have double pot roasts in the oven (on sale, for $1.99 per pound and man they are SUPER huge). I am afraid if I make the cupcakes, I will eat them.

Who are we kidding? OF COURSE I WILL EAT THEM!! So I will not bake any crap until I have a firmer grip on my cravings.....

But so far, resistance feels good. I feel powerful. I don't feel any healthier, certainly not any skinnier. That's okay....I am doing this for my HEALTH. I do not want to be a supermodel. I just don't want to end up morbidly obese like all of my sisters. They are all diabetic and fat, fat, fat. Every one of them. Well, not me. I have always been the skinniest and even now, as I feel so shubby, I know the closest one is probably twice my weight...I love my husband and my kids more than I love food...

Would you eat a cheeseburger if someone told you it would KILL you? SO why do we ignore the cumulative effect? I am really guilty of that....Okay, I am going to quit babbling and get up and GO! TA TA! and have a fabulous day!

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