Sunday, January 08, 2006

"The Ringer"

we went tonight. Just Jonathan and I, some alone time.....without the two younger kiddos. It was a fun evening.

My movie review....: I think the characteristically crude Farrelly brothers showed an EXCELLENT amount of restraint. They could have REALLY been cruel, but they were not. The comments from people in the theaters were far worse than anything on the screen.

We did have a small run in with a patron two rows in front of us. He and his girlfriend kept turning around and glaring everytime Jonathan bellowed out his donkey-style laughter. Finally, I asked him what his problem was and his skanky girlfriend whispered "Maybe he's a 'tard..." (which of course I heard with my supoer-sonic FraX hearing) so they were asked to move to a different theater after an usher came over to inquire if there was a problem. After the movie was over, he came over and apologized to me.

The movie had some cute parts in it (my fave was the water balloon fight) and some funny lines. I think that it was funny, but it was not a "feel good" movie. It makes the special athletes look more ordinary, because let's face it, people are afraid of what they don't know or understand.....

All in all, I would say almost 3 stars.....I am glad that I took Jonathan. He got ALL of the jokes and he loved the dancing at the end....

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