Friday, January 13, 2006

sad day

We went by Round Hill today.
A special trip to Hill High Orchards. We love it there. They have THE YUMMIEST HOT DOGS known to mankind. The only ones better where the one at Nathan's in Time Square when my dad took me to NYC as a kid.....They are so tasty! Plus they have pies and homemade jams and lots of country crafts and stuff...

Well, they are closing at the end of February. They've been open in that same location for 70 years. I can't imagine it.....It's sad....

so all of my pictures today are from Hill High Orchards. It's like a slice of Heaven. Even though it's right off a heavily traveled highway, it's peacful. The ducks and geese are generally friendly...I will miss this place.

I sure hope they don't put a Starbucks there...... Posted by Picasa

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