Saturday, January 21, 2006

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Scrapbook Tag...
Got this from Linda's site, who got it K's blog....she's got a GREAT digital scrapbooking site.

What Scrapbooking products do you DISLIKE?

stcikers...I am very anti-sticker. It's VERY rare that I use a sticker. It has to be super-cool!

What is the hardest thing you’ve ever had to scrap?

I do custom scrapbook work on EBay and it's REALLY hard for me to do a layout without knowing anything about the photo. Photos give us more than color to match, they give the EMOTION that goes into a page. But I manage. After all, my EBay pays for my own personal stuff...

What technique do you use more than any other?

It's not a technique's RUB-ON letters! I can't live without those....

Ever been published?
I never want to be to published...It's not something I think about....Scrapbooking is very personal to me. I don't handle criticism or rejection well, so I don't think I could ever be BRAVE enough to subject myself to that.....

What’s the smallest scrap of paper you save?
I save just about everything. Then one day a week (or month), I go through and cut cards or alphabets from the leftovers. I also make pathwork shapes with my Sizzix. People LOVE them...Very easy, too....

Finish the sentence… “If I wasn’t a scrapbooker, I would spend my money….”

BOOKS..... I am a book worm to the extreme. Love to read. Love to lose myself in a good book.

Give us your best storage or organizational idea.

I try to put away RIGHT AFTER I use it...but one look at my scrap area, and you'd know I am not always faithful to this plan! I am actually going to break down today and buy those lil round magnetic containers. I have been wanting them for sooooo long. And my space to scrap in so dreary, I do what I can to liven it up.....

You just won a week-long scrapbooking cruise for 4. Who’s going with you?

I don't really like cruises, but I guess I would go......I would take anyone who scraps! I would have to run an ad since I am pretty much friend-less...I would take my friend, Shauna... oh and Heidi (because she's fun anywhere, doing anything!) Of course, I would fly Linda back from Germany and drag her with me. And maybe one of the ladies from the new group I joined locally but I don't know many ladies yet....I am so shy, it's hard to make friends.... Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

ok, ok, you twisted my arm. i guess i will go on the cruise, and you can make me learn how to scrap. i would be tons of fun to laugh at,at least!!
pa redneck