Thursday, January 19, 2006


man, am I gonna be hurting after CHA.....that new stuff starts rolling in and I am going to be SERIOUSLY broke....Here I have been hawking my custom scrapbook pages on EBay (and no, I won't tell you my EBay name.....some things are just TOO personal! hehehehe) and then I just HAD TO spend some of my not-so-hard-earned PayPal balance here at

It's all Stacy Julian's fault....I was cruising her blog and she listed that her book is listed as the Pink Project this OF COURSE, I had to see what the buzz was about....Oh, I am not sorry I stopped by. I got off cheap....I only pre-ordered 4 things.....I LOVE LOVE LOVE those rub-on transfers. If it's one thing I couldn't scrap without it would be RUB-ONS! I adore them. But I know I will be back to that site after CHA...I am already saving and seeing what else around my house I can EBay. Gonna have to double up on the amount of LO's I am selling....

Anyway, I promised the kids no more computer today so I have to be true to my word. Signing off for the day.....I am outta here!! Posted by Picasa

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