Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Spring is COMING (whether you like or not!)

We had a real warm spell recently.
So warm, in fact that it confused my tulips that I planted way back on October 10th...Remember? I planted something like 293 tulips.....? My back STILL hurts when I think about that day! Well, they are starting to peek out of the ground. Although Virginia does not have what I consider winter by my Alaskan standards, I do think the chill might not be good for them.....

But I am looking at the POSITIVE.

IT WORKED! I planted something and it's growing!! WOOOOOO HOOO!

Now if it could just stop...until say, March?

Micaela is going to be sooooo jazzed when our flowers grow. She was instrumental in the garden event. Posted by Picasa

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