Tuesday, January 24, 2006


It's self-portrait Tuesday.....

Who am I?

I am the wife. The best one I can be. Somedays, I am not so awesome, but I adore my husband. Every day, I love him. I love him because he loves me best of all.

I am the mother. This is my most complicated but certainly most rewarding job. I read the stories, make the beds, wipe noses and butts, fix dinners that no one wants to eat. I kiss boo-boos and halt wars, I fold the socks. I come up with different voices for every character in every book. I sing the solly songs, I dance like a fool in my kitchen...I look proudly and lovingly at my children as they grow into the beautiful small people that they are.....

I am the ONE.

I am THE MOMPosted by Picasa


~d said...

the child in pink looks JUST LIKE YOU...( except the missing tooth..)


Anonymous said...

Awesome smiles--all three of you!

Linda said...

Tell Micaela that she can look at you if she wants to know what she's going to look like when she's older. Two peas in a pod!

Love the grins - love the totally MOM SPT!