Saturday, January 21, 2006


This is what I went to Target for today.Struck out...
but I did get Micaela a cute new t-shirt for the coming Spring months.....I am always caught off guard when Spring hits and she needs new clothes. I am ready this year!

SO I gotta find these lil magnetic thingies.....without spending a small fortune...anyont know where to get them without emptying my wallet?

OH other BIG news!! read is on Cathy Zielske's know her, she wrote "Clean and Simple Scrapbooks", which is like my Bible of scrapping. I love her clean style... They are doing pre-orders for the next book.
Go here

don't get left behind. Her book will sell out as fast as Stacy Julian's. If I were smart, I would buy several and Ebay the ones I don't need. That book is gonna FLY off the shelves. Mark my words...

Okay, I have a birthday part to go with my girlie girl, so I am outta here for a few hours. Y'all be good! Posted by Picasa

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